This layout is our EM gauge showpiece. This is 4mm/ft scale but with a more prototypical track gauge of 18.2mm, rather than the usual 16.5mm seen on 00 gauge layouts.

The name reflects its quayside location with associated goods and passenger facilities located on the south coast in Southern Region (ex LSWR) territory.

The period modelled is 1950s to 1960s taking influences from locations such as Southampton, Weymouth and Poole for example. The station is on a branch from a main junction further inland, having boat train traffic and also perishable and other goods traffic.

Stock at present is a mixture of kit and R-T-R conversions, Bachmann being particularly helpful in the case of the latter.

Images courtesy of Michael Brough

The layout was originally designed to be interesting to operate having good length trains of 8 or so coaches, something that club members are unlikely to have space for at home, and having enough stock movements to keep up viewing interest. It is a long term project so we expect it to keep us busy for several years. The team consists of around 5-9 members. The layout is housed in the MKMRS clubroom.

The layout can sometimes be seen on the exhibition circuit and appeared at the 2012 Warley Model Railway Exhibition.

To discuss possible exhibition bookings for the layout, please email Chris Lester at chrismlester@live.co.uk

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